Monday, March 14, 2011

Was + Metal + Chick

Dagger was born in 2004 as an alternative all-girl metal band in Mexico. Cult band for some few, two demos and 1 EP titled “The Mean Machine” (2008). Dagger won Best Metal Album at the Indie-O Music Awards, and was featured in several festivals, interviews, books… The music was something like THIS:

DAGGER was born during the first months of 2004. Conceived by guitarist and singer Gaby de la O, Dagger’s main objective was to attack the lack of girl bands in Mexico and the idea that “girls can’t play”. Their first show was at a small party in the Bondojo neighborhood, south Mexico City, playing some Metal classics.

For June, with a mix of covers and original material, Dagger performed at the contest “The King of the Metal”, promoted by Indie label Nuevos Ricos remaining as the winner band of the night. Since then, Dagger has performed in diverse venues and major festivals in Mexico such as Manifest 2006, Monterrey Metal Fest II, Women’s Festival at the Zocalo in Mexico City, Festival del Centro Histórico, Lady Fest Monterey and Plataforma Puebla 06. Dagger has shared stage with The Delays, Tim “Ripper” Owens, Neil Turbin, Azraels Bane, Ignitor, Los Fancy Free, Las Ultrasonicas, Twin Tones, Yokozuna, among many other bands. Their first “Dagger Summer Demo” in 2005 secured them immediately great press reviews and interviews in important newspapers, magazines and webzines in Mexico, USA, Canada and The Netherlands. Dagger released their debut EP The Mean Machine in 2008 which was co-produced by Jenny Bombo from legendary all-girl band Las Ultrasonicas. The band embraces seventies metal guitar riffs with a mix of punk and dark vocals. Dagger’s infectious primitive rock sound is a show not to be missed. *Discography: The Mean Machine EP (2008!) Libre (2006) Dagger Summer Demo (2005)

Some press: “From some hidden and rebellious neighborhoods in Mexico City comes a good ass kicking in the form of Dagger”. - Lucky, Sugar Buzz Magazine, California… “One of the best new Metal talents!” - R&R, Magazine, Mexico. “They have dirty, crunchy tone to them (perhaps why I keep thinking Black Sabbath) with a Rock sensibility that makes the songs more memorable and enjoyable than they would be otherwise. The choruses are simple but effective with the chorus from Black River being stuck in my head since I received the demo”

- Chris, Metal Reviews, Canada.


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