Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So I made with "Jose R" (pic) a podcast about Stoner Rock, sorry it's in Spanish, very drunk spanish indeed! Lots of bands we dig, and think are representative of this genre. We have included some new bands such as Brittish folks Gorilla, and some Mexican bands that are fighting against indie crap and latin stars down here. Of course, some classics ones, Fu Manchu, Kyuss.. Click here, and listen.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Dagger played yesterday at Xcentrico, an event organized by Mexico City's Downtown Festival held every year. This is an important festival and every band is encouraged to play in front of hundreds of visitors to Mexico City's Downtown. Check the pics here, they're really cool.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Yesterday we played at Foro Alicia. We didn't rock guys, we arrived late for soundcheck and had to close the night (close the night?) so we were pretty wasted by that time, well not all Daggers, but me (haha!). Hopefully there will be an article featuring the Stoner scene in Mexico City at MEXADELIC pretty soon.

Anyway, I was so happyieeeee but had big time and I want to share these pics. Some familiar faces, yes, but true fans! Enjoy!

Friday, March 09, 2007

FELIZ DIA DE LA MUJER/ women's day

Sólo tengo una cosa que decir en este día, a pesar de que en México, cuando caminas por la calle te "saboreen" como carne cruda y te griten y te insulten...

Me voy con la Dúrcal, y dice:

La chica del dia viste pantalon
bebe vodka puro sin limitacion
cuando busca un medio de locomocion
mas que un deportivo prefiere un camion
que quiere esa chica
esa es la cuestion
canta protestando
abre los pulmon
ven lo que esa chica
tambien esa chica
esa buena chica tiene corazon
y si alguien me porfía
que no que no que no
yo le contestaria que si que si que si
que son inteligentes, alegre y consecuente
con voces indecentes ellas son asi
y si alguien me porfía que no que no que no
yo le contestaria que si que si que si
tal vez son diferente pero seguramente indiscutiblemente
tienen corazon
Así son las francesas las suecas las inglesas
y las senegalesas todas son igual
lo mismo que las rusas y las
las chicas andaluzas
todas son igual