Monday, August 27, 2007

Fotos Festival Stoner Rock Vol 3

Daggerlady + Medusa

This was the Stoner Rock Festival held at Multiforo Alicia in Mexico City last saturday.
August 25 2007
Seven bands gathered that night to show what's Stoner Rock all about:

1. Stellar High
2. Drugster Monster
3. Medusa
4. La Orquesta de Animales
5. Dirty Woman
6. Occulta
7. El Diablo

Stoner rock is not a very popular genre in Mexico, neither the "culture" that surrounds it. Of course, we're a Third-World country and latinos right? so it's obvious people listen to commercial music and buy tickets to see RBD, Alejandro Fernández and Daddy Yankee shows.

Anyway, all those people missed true Rock n' Roll. Shame on them!

This is not a review, but I would like to say I really enjoyed all the bands. Stellar High, the only band that showed a keyboard, and Medusa, the legendary seventies Mexican band (see pic above with me and the bass player). They all rocked. I suddenly felt weird looking at Medusa, all those years that I missed, I mean, they were really there, with Black Sabbath happening, not Enrique Guzman or Cesar Costa, Medusa played heavy rock and I guess they were really misunderstood. I am super glad they played that night, hope they've found another scene to rock a younger generation.

Drugster Monster have a more metal influence, having Lindeath Storm (ex-Yetel) on lead guitar. La Orquesta de Animales, a true halucinogenous ride. Dirty Woman have great riffs, loved them. El Diablo, the band that closed the night which I really really loved. They played Voodoo Child, I really tripped. They played after four or five years I guess, and hope they come up with a new gig pretty soon.

Of course, Occulta, the band where I play guitar, we did well I guess.
I missed some band pics, but here are a few. Enjoy!

Dirty Woman
That night my brother (guitar on photo) made his debut with Dirty Woman. Killer band!
Esa noche, mi hermano debutó con Dirty Woman. Muy muy buena banda en verdad.

My band.

El Diablo


AndreaLP said...

Comandate G, me permito molestarle para preguntarle si les interesa participar en un evento a beneficio de la asociación Corazon Canino acá en Toluca.

Tentativamente se maneja el 17 de Noviembre como fecha probable.

Me encantaría que se animaran y tener una banda de su nivel en el evento. :-)

¿Me avisan?


Tsunami said...

UUUhh yo fui a ese fest, estuvo increible Stellar High... la banda q siguió la neta apestaron, muy jodida su actuación, Medusa,muy bien... y ya me retiré porq la neta ese dia andaba bien crudote.... me hubiera gustado quedarme... pasale a mi blog!!! chingo d guitarras!!!! yeaaah!!!