Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Behold! My Chick Bands TOP Videos:

Let's start with the Queens of Rock n Roll, the very first ladies that dared to step onstage and play hard, and sexy too -

The Runaways / Cherry Bomb

Now, one of my favorite bands,

The Donnas, Take it off
I was so happy and felt that something was happening when they used to play this song in Mexican radio!

F*** yeah! L7 I think it was the first chick band I ever listened to! I used to think these girls were so brutal, they still are! This is true Rock n Roll girl, not "almost Rock Chick" , watch and learn before you dare to cut your hair funny and use converse shoes and chains!

L7 / Rocking Machine

I love these girls! The Donnas / Skintight

Skintight was one of the first songs I ever learned on guitar, and it rocks because of that!

Sahara Hotnights / Hot Night Crash ..
Here, I like the fact that they're playing in a small rodeo down in some town near Tijuana (?) the kind of party we make every Friday night in Mexico (haha) I also loove the looks!

I just found this video from Las Ultrasonicas / Descocada
I love the way the girl grabs the bottle and still manages to sing sweetly! "Eres mi papito"!

Behold! The best Metal Amazons! Phantom Blue. I remember well a dear friend drop me their CD, I was amazed how these girls knew how to play: shocking guitar solos, blasting riffs, powerful vocals, and hair, lots of !

Phantom Blue / Live clip

Now, Bratmobile, a Look Out Records band, toured with the Donnas, their Big sisters!
This is one of my favorite songs indeed!

Bratmobile / Eating Toothpaste

Yet another Sahara Hotnights video, this time All right All right, the very first song I listened from these Swedish rock babes. Love the bass and guitar lines in the verse:

More videos from my generation, Babes in Toyland / He's My Thing:

I adoooore The Go Go's, I know it's Pop, but GOOD Pop, and played by girls, not dancing at! They're sweet enough, good bass lines, good vocals, just remember they had one of the most important sex scandals in Rock History.

The Go Go's / Our Lips Are Sealed

And this, definetely one of my favorite songs. I met her on myspace recently!

Brigitte Handley / Alien Movies

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